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In today’s modern society we depend on computers for everything from communication, gaming, research, business and schooling and everything in-between. But what’s on a computer is worth so much more. For personal computers this could mean 1,000′s of photos and songs and other memories, reports that you’ve spent hours on and all kinds of other personal data that is just too valuable to risk losing. Anyone who’s ever lost pictures, music or other personal files from their computer knows that it causes severe stress and even emotional pain. For anyone who’s ever lost a music collection, they know that the cost of replacing it can be very expensive, an expense that could have been avoided with a proper backup solution.

For Businesses and Companies the results usually have much more severe fiscal impacts. Losing proprietary company data can result in the losses of thousands or even millions of dollars.. For residential customers not backing up is a risk, for companies it’s certain disaster. Take for instance any business that does its accounting in-house. In Australia, by law, you must keep all financial records backed up for 5 years or risk having large fines imposed on you by the ATO. Your business could be up for $1,000′s of dollars in fines because of something as simple as a hard drive failure.

Did you know that
  • 70% of businesses that lose its data go out of business within 3 years?
  • Over 66% of computer users lost music, pictures and other files from their home PC’s?
  • In a survey 71% said that losing their pictures was their biggest concern?
  • It costs the US Economy over 12 billion dollars a year due to data loss?

Why do I Need to Backup, What Causes Data Loss?

Data loss happens for many reasons but some of the most common causes of losing files would be:

Viruses: Viruses can get onto your computer in a number of ways, from a hacker breaking into your computer to a virus hiding on a USB Storage device that gets plugged in. Whatever the method, viruses are always bad news and can cause real havoc
Data Corruption: When data becomes unreadable on the hard drive it is referred to as Corrupt. Data corruption occurs when the data is written incorrectly or not completely to the hard drive. This can happen due to a program being interrupted, or a power failure or even hardware that’s about to stop working. This is much more common in older computers
Hardware Failure: Eventually devices just stop working, sometimes it’s as simple as RAM failing and all that’s needed is to replace the component and everything is ok again. But if it’s the Hard Drive that stops working you could very well lose all the data that is on that hard drive. Like Data Corruption, this is much more common in older computers.


Proper Backup Solutions:

There are a variety of ways to backup data in this day and age, and all have their pros and cons. BA Computers supplies on-site and off-site backup solutions both automated and manual. For more information on all the different types of backup options, please see the article linked at the bottom of the page.

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