Hosted Email

Why is email so important?

With email being one of the most common forms of communication for both personal and business needs, it makes sense to have your own hosted email solution. With Spam becoming more and more of a problem and junk filters hitting public free mailboxes such as Hotmail and Gmail harder, there has never been a better time to get your own personalised hosted email solution.


What is Hosted Email?

Hosted email allows you to have your own personalised domain. You see this all the time with businesses such as or, but it’s not just the larger corporations. All businesses and companies should have their own personalised domain for the business. This also helps to instill trust in their customers that they are using a quality company. Not just someone with an account. For that extra touch of professionalism we recommend Exchange email, not just POP3.

Personalised email isn’t just for businesses. Many personal email domains are being registered so that you can have your own email address for the rest of your life. Using your free email given to you by your internet provider is fine while you are using them, but what if you want to change provider? You can’t without losing your email address. But if you had your email as then it doesn’t matter which provider you’re with. Your email will always work and this will be the last email address you’ll ever need!


Which is right for me, Exchange or POP3?

There are many differences between Exchange Email and POP3 email, the main thought being Exchange is for business and POP3 is for personal.
This mantra isn’t exactly correct anymore, with most people having 2 or more devices, such as a computer at home, phone and a tablet. Personal email being spread across multiple devices is becoming not just common, but the normal way of life.

POP3 email ‘collects’ the email from the email server, and stores it on whichever device downloads it. For instance, your computer at home. The problem is that if another device goes and checks the email server; the emails have already been removed by your home computer. Alternatively your home computer may be told to leave the emails on the server for a week or two, but then if you read 20 new emails on your home computer, and then your phone downloads them, they will all be marked as unread as the phone has no way of knowing that you have already read them on your computer!

Exchange works by the devices synchronising with the email server, so when your home computer checks to see if there are new emails, it sees there are 20 new ones. Then you read the 20 and reply to 5 of them. When your phone then connects to the server you will see that those 20 emails have been read, that 5 are marked as replied to, and if you check your sent folder on the phone, you will see the 5 replies you sent from your home computer! Exchange is a true fully synchronised solution, including your calendar and contacts!! For a full list of benefits please see our Exchange article.